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Answer SheetAlphaquiz is a weekly quiz subscription delivered by email, which adds a fun-filled alphabetical twist to your weekly pub quiz or regular weekly quiz event!

Teams answer questions correctly to gain letters of the alphabet, and the winner is the team which can make the longest word from the letters gained!

Your Alphaquiz quiz package will be emailed to you every Tuesday in doc (Microsoft Word) or PDF format, and includes a mixed bag of 50 general knowledge questions covering all subjects, plus a tiebreaker. It is suitable for a UK audience.

Here's what makes Alphaquiz better than the average weekly quiz:

It’s Topical

Each week, your quiz will contain several topical questions about things that have been in the news recently – so your quiz always feels fresh and up to date!

Each Customer's Weekly Quiz Is Unique

We send out a different quiz to every customer each week – no two sets of questions are exactly the same. Why is this important? Because many of our competitors send out exactly the same quiz to all of their customers each week – who soon end up with the same weekly quiz as an establishment not far away – and a quiz all their players have already played!  Even worse, their players can find out where they purchase their quiz from, and order it themselves to find out all the answers in advance!  With Alphaquiz neither of these things can happen.

It Stops The Same People Winning Every Week

Because the aim of the quiz is to collect letters of the alphabet, there is an element of luck involved – it’s not just about how many questions you answer correctly, but which ones! This helps level the playing field and gives everyone a chance of winning!

You Have A Choice Of Three Difficulty Levels

Alphaquiz is available in three difficulty levels – Easy, Medium or Hard, so you can tailor your quiz to your audience. Not only that but throughout your subscription you can change your difficulty level at any time simply by emailing us.


It's Professionally Designed


Alphaquiz comes complete with full instructions, a specially designed colour printable answer sheet (see the example above) and a quizmaster’s score sheet.  It's all ready for printing in full colour (but works just as well in black and white if you prefer!)


It's Great Value


Alphaquiz costs just £2.99 per week.  When you sign up for Alphaquiz your credit card, debit card or Paypal account is automatically charged each week, without you having to do anything more.  Your first quiz package will arrive next Tuesday, and you can cancel your subscription at any time simply by emailing us.

But wait!  If you want to prepay for a quarterly (13 week) subscription to Alphaquiz, we offer a
10% discount, making each quiz a very low £2.69!  Simply contact us at for more details.

And finally - We can also offer a fortnightly or monthly version of Alphaquiz if you’d prefer – once again, simply contact us at for more details.

Please contact us at to order!


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